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I've been doing some doodles of a (hopefully) permanent avatar for myself, and I've been doing some head-cannoning. 

The avatar in question is a humanoid.

- Has skull-like head/face.
- Skin is like a dolphin's, rubbery and smooth.
    - Also allows for the "face" to flex with the maw underneath.
    - Not to mention for a wider range of expressions,.
- The eyes are triangular, solid black, with white triangular pupils.
    - They look like sockets, but please, don't poke them. (They are actual eyes after all!)
- The actual mouth has two hinges.
    - Still working on how the buck it works.
    - Slightly longer canines than a human's.
- Tongue is forked, like a snake.
    - Cannot smell through it.
- Body shape is mostly the same as a human's.
- Fingers end in a hardpoint "claw".
- Feets are bird/raptor like.

Now, If I were to make a species based upon 'er, there would be much leeway for customization.
    - Diff. skin/hair/eye colors, eye pupil shapes, horns, facial designs.

As for world headcannon, It's name is Skellios (such originality I know) and its world is like ours, with minor changes.

Also, horsie-tanks should be a thing.

On an unrelated note, Senior year! S-2! 2nd Lieutenant! 
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: The voices inside my head. SHUT UP ALREADY,
  • Reading: Drabbles that float through my mind.
  • Watching: You while you sleep.
  • Playing: Skyrim of course.
  • Eating: PILLS HERE!
  • Drinking: Dear Primus I hope this is water.....


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Where do I start?

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