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Chibi Lineup by SarahtheSpartan
Chibi Lineup
Even more, but chibis and at a later stage in the story.

I still only own the two in the grey sweaters.
There's a lot of stookas. 
Also Ted always loses her right eye somehow in every incarnation.

Teddy and Hans: Mine still
*takes in a deep breath* Gustav, Käthe, Franz and Johann :iconstukagoggles:
Fantastic Four by SarahtheSpartan
Fantastic Four story yay.
With tank and Plane based robutts yay.

I only own the two in the middle, Teddy (blonde) and Hans (other). 

Ted's a Tiger, Hans is a Pz. IV.
Guy on the end is Gustav, lady on the other end is Käthe. BF109 and Stuka, respectively.
And they all have kinda been shipped already.
I'm really tired ok and this is the best descrip. I can think of atm.

Teddy and Hans: My children
Gustav and Käthe: :iconstukagoggles: 
Shadow Of A Lutz by SarahtheSpartan
Shadow Of A Lutz

Shadow monster Lutz looks nothing like how he acts.

He’s pretty much just shadows Delta, and is generally just pretty damn clingy much to her slight annoyance.

Like he’s literally a shadow of his former self. Gone is the silent intimidation and expressions of a rock. He can’t remember very much, just bits and pieces. He couldn’t even remember his own name. Thankfully he remembered his lady although it was a real chore to get it through her thick skull just who he was.

He feels weird, like a squishy kind of glass. Tears and the inside of his mouth match in color, neon green ftw. Blue outline is just what I felt like at the moment to that I could use actual black for the body.

He can melt into shadows for faster traveling and a quick way to hide, grow/shrink, climb up/stick to surfaces, and don’t try and feed him anything you’ll miss. You’re not going to get it back.

Sunlight and direct beams of light are excruciatingly painful to him and will leave pale burn marks on his “skin”. Oddly enough they disappear if he does a shadow melt, but with later appear when he’d 3d.

And that’s my wall-o-text for the day.

More Lutz doodles:…



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Eyo, just someone who draws and writes whatever the fuck she wants. You're probably going to see a lot of robotic and military junk here and a few twisted things on occasion.

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  • Drinking: dust-tasting cream soda IT TASTES LIKE ACTUAL DUST

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